I just keep imagining Liam being all "Guys, get a room." and then Jen and Josh collapsing in a fit of giggles.

This inspired a drabble, lol. Liam is much grumpier than he probably is in RL, but during the PCAs, he seemed kinda irritated soooo…


“No, but seriously guys. Get a room,” Liam says, his eyebrows furrowing together in annoyance.

“Aw, are you gwumpy?” Jen teases, nudging him with her elbow. Liam shifts away from her, his lips twisting at the corner.

“Quit it,” he frowns, rubbing his side.

“Seriously, bro,” Josh chuckles from beside him. “Just humor her, or you’re going to be tormented all night.”

“What?” Jen asks in a mock-injured voice, her blue eyes wide. “So rude. I’ll have you know that I am delightful.”

“Did your mom write that on your lunchbox today,” Josh counters, leaning forward in his seat to look at her.

“Don’t talk about my mom, Josh Hutcherson.”

Liam slouches back and makes a noise of irritation in the back of his throat. “I can’t take this anymore.”

“Dude, did you just growl?” Josh asks, pointing at him.

“Take my seat,” Liam turns to Jennifer. “Please, take my seat.”

She shrugs and stands, moving to take his place. “If you insist,” she replies innocently.

Liam misses the smirks they exchange when he’s not looking. 

  1. everydayescapeartist said: Yup, this is fact not fiction now in my head. Thank you for this. ;) (the lunchbox…bwahahaha)
  2. mellarksloaves said: Awe, real life Squidward is so generous.