hi! i'd like to know if you're going to update heartsick? because it seriously is one of my favourite fics ever!

Hey there. Yes, I am going to update Heartsick. Never fear. I felt bad for posting that one-shot earlier when I have WIPs, but I literally wrote it in less than an hour on my iPhone during a really awkward encounter with my boyfriend’s parents. My hands had to do something, and I was feeling extra angsty, so it just happened…lol. So anyway, yes Heartsick is my priority at the moment. Thanks for the compliment, too, btw! <3

  1. beyonceofpanem said: I hate you. I can’t believe you wrote that in less than and hour on your phone. I am going to flip the fuck out over writing like 1000 words for PiP.
  2. streetlightlove1 said: Ugh fnur better be wrong, because I love the shit out of this fucked up story!!!
  3. fnurfnur said: LOL you’ll update Heartsick when Amelia updates Eggshells. I.E. NEVERRRRRR
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