Loved your view on Peeta's virginity. Even though it breaks my heart to think that he might have lost his virginity to someone else, I feel like he (and his dick) def had some kind of action before. Now, the real question I want to hear your thoughts on: what do you think about Peeta's penis?

I think that I would like to touch it.

Oh, do you want like real details? k:

Umm, I think realistically he was probably a nice size, not too monstrous (see the Cock of Doom) or a micropenis (like here), for reasons of he was totally okay to be seen by Katniss. But I also fancast his penis as being kind of thick, and that’s because of his stocky build I think. It’s just in my head that way. So, a girthy 6-6.5’ or so. Maybe. Veiny. And probably…oh wow, it just occurred to me that he might not be circumcised. But okay, no,  let’s go with the logic that Merchants are circumcised because it’s part of tradition, a “status symbol” that they wanted to keep to set themselves apart. So never mind. He definitely is circumcised. Maybe Mrs. Everdeen did it for him when he was a baby. This is getting weird.

This has been a completely random answer by peetaspenis.

  1. fuckingplebe said: I’ve had the circumsized or not debate with myself as well. I decided they probably didn’t bother, but that gets kind of tricky when writing smut. So I ignore logic.
  2. diaphenia said: Huh. He probably wasn’t circumcised. I never considered that, but it is immediately headcanon for me.
  3. jennagill said: Well as peetaspenis, it only makes sense that you describe yourself ;)
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