Everlark elevator parallel

I think people see what they want to see when it comes to Josh. If they don't like who he's currently with, they see that he looks uncomfortable or unhappy. I don't care who he's with but he does look relaxed and happy. I had to laugh yesterday when I saw that there were posts about him looking miserable. There are a lot of pics of him smiling with his cast and the fans. Seemed pretty genuine to me.

His love life is a veritable Rorschach test.

Maybe Gale takes Katniss out to da D13 club and that song is playing in the background? Isn't D13 just one big underground rave anyway?

Hahaha. That sounds like everything I hate about songfics.

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Title: Jeff Goldblum's laugh from Jurassic Park
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I do. I need you.

You're not negative. Your ears can't just lie to you. It seems that the feeling about this song is quite universal because I only see instantly rejection on my dash. Honestly it's not even about the lyrics because I listened to it only once and since english is not my language, I didn't pay attention to it. But the rhythm, the sound, everything sounds soo cheap to me. It doesn't even suit thg universe...Put it in "sexy dance" but not mockingjay lol

I wouldn’t even put it in a sexy dance category. More like “passed out in a dirty alleyway after drinking cheap vodka” category. But yeah…whatever lol. I’ve always loved the instrumental scores the most, so that’s all I care about really.

I actually love the song. Y'all are not open minded enough.

It’s kind of hard to keep an open mind when my brain literally split in half after listening to that garbage song.

Tell me the song is a joke... I'm worried about Lorde's choices now

I honestly feel like someone just took a huge shit in my ear right now. I pray that song isn’t real.


New track from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack - The Chemical Brothers (Feat. Miguel & Lorde) “This is Not a Game” 


District Voices - all new from Capitol TV - First Episode. 

Who knew Peacekeeper uniforms were so versatile? Discover another side to District 8 with Rob & Corinne, as they demonstrate the many possibilities for excess textile materials and resins, only on CapitolTV.