A Message from Josh Hutcherson

I'm sure Jennifer loved Nick at some point, but their reconciliation always felt like PR to me. It coincided with their new movie. Involved a ton of super-stagey photos (like her reading Mockingjay). And where she always kept her love life private, she was suddenly gushing about him in interviews. Real or not, one thing it did well was keep the creepers away from Jennifer. I'm sure the parasite line has already formed to her left. In her situation it must be incredibly hard to date.

Eh, it may have coincided with their movie but I think that’s the nature of the beast— they initially broke up (supposedly) due to time issues, so when you’re suddenly together again filming 24/7 it’s easy to fall into old patterns and right back into a comfortable relationship. And like you said, I can’t imagine how rough it is trying to find a genuine person to date when you’re in her position. I’m sure the media is going to have a field day making up headlines and linking her to one random dude after the other now, though.

well shit that anon was right uk(.)eonline(.)com/news/565382/jennifer-lawrence-and-nicholas-hoult-split-breakup-was-very-amicable

Oh snap.


I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask.

Josh said in the interview where he held Baby Jen with her arms in a celebratory stance that they liked to do their interviews together, so it's real--not fan fiction. :) Ugh, they make my heart hurt.

Thank you, lurkinginthecorner helpfully reminded me of this moment too. 

Didn't they also imply that they request to be paired up for interviews? I'm sure Jennifer holds a lot of sway, especially at this point in the franchise.

I remember hearing something about Jen wanting to be paired with Josh but I can’t remember if this was fanfiction I made up or a real thing. 

now i'm curious. do i want to know what a modesty pouch is?
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