On the video of Johanna it looks like her back isn't real, like its CGI or something, like the Capitol is covering up the torture

Confession: I haven’t even watched Johanna’s video.

Hi, jessa! Have you read Tangled by EmmaChase?

Hey there! Yes, I have. I rated it one star on goodreads. :/


Peeta is no longer the boy who bravely faced the 74th Hunger Games, but a true Capitol hero.

I was really hoping they weren't going to leave out Peetas hand tremors/spasms and from the looks of today's video they aren't. Thank goodness.

Tragic times ahead for Peeta. :/


when u say a really clever comeback without stuttering


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Do you find nicholas hoult attractive?

He’s a good looking guy, but no I’m not attracted to him at all. 

Capitol Couture: Catching Fire/Mockingjay

fuck I’m so conflicted because on one hand I know it’s terrible for peeta to be spun around like a piece of meat and my heart hurts for him but on the other hand I’m also like DAT ASS