You are the best. You are the reason I stay on Tumblr. Seriously, you are fun and make me smile daily. PIP kicks so much ass and your fangirling makes me wish I could just have lunch with you. Thanks for being awesome and taking the time to be on this crazy adventure with us all.

Thank you so much for this super sweet message. It legit made me smile and feel like a queen.


This is it, the apocalypse.

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New footage of Bellamy in season 2

Do you think he'll understand if he knew the extent of your interest?? I see my bf shaking his damn head every time I'm glued to my laptop giggling like a dazed teenager :|

Girl, you need to develop an internet poker face. And yeah, I mean. Does he know Josh is one of my faves? Yeah. Does he know I help run a news blog? Um no lol. They don’t need to know shit like that, you feel me. 

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser | x

I dont live in USA and I m curious after I saw all those pics of Josh at college and hope you dont mind to help me with this doubt I have: Does the family of the students can visit the students like that? the family can stay so much time there? Thanks.

It’s different at each college, but because you asked and I’m a freak, I looked up the dorm rules for his brother’s school and you can stay up to three consecutive nights as a guest as long as the roommate is cool with it (lol and obviously they were going to be).

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does your boyfriend know how much you love josh and does he watch outlander with you!?

He doesn’t know the full extent of my interest lol. And he watched the first episode of Outlander with me but didn’t particularly care for it. My plan is to do a re-watch of the first eight after hiatus and try to get him into it then. I don’t have time to baby anyone rn or the patience for any negative commentary when I have a wedding to watch. 

mnelson1994: Had the pleasure of getting to know Josh Hutcherson over the last few days. Besides being a great actor he is also one of the biggest celebrity advocates for LGBT rights. He helped co-found an amazing organization called Straight But Not Narrow which allies the straight and LGBT communities to help bridge the gap between them and fight stereotypes associated with labeling sexual orientation. It’s a very cool organization and I encourage everyone to visit to see what the organization is all about and how you can get involved. #BeTrue #SBNN

Where did I go wrong in life that I'm not bffls with Josh? Ugh.

I ask myself that every day.